Debussy – Première Rhapsodie

Ariane Matiakh – conducter
Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen

Stadthalle Reutlingen, 28. April 2024

Trio Risonante

The Trio Risonante with Constantin Heise (violoncello), Adam Ambarzumjan (clarinet) and Jonas Haffner (piano) can now be booked for the concert season 2024/2025 through the Concert Sponsorship German Music Competition. The programs, available dates and booking information can be found here.

Photos: Nick Konstantin Otto

Success at German Music Competition 2023

Adam Ambarzumjan successfully participated in the German Music Competition 2023 of the German Music Council with the wind quintet Ensemble Quinton. The quintet won the Bonn Rotary Music Prize, a special prize endowed with 5000€. In addition, they were awarded a scholarship, which includes, among other things, the arrangement of concerts as part of the concert promotion German Music Competition (formerly “Bundesauswahl Konzerte Junger Künstler, BAKJK”).

Photos: Heike Fischer, Köln

Adam Ambarzumjan (clarinet), Tobias Reikow (bassoon), Simon Mayer (horn), Alexandra Forstner (flute), Fabian Sahm (oboe), Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckhardt

Interview @ Stuttgart State Opera

Read the Interview with Adam Ambarzumjan at the Stuttgart State Opera here.

Award in Berlin

Adam Ambarzumjan won the 1st prize at the Rising Stars – International Music Competition Berlin. The competition promotes young musicians around the world and gives them the opportunity to perform on grand stages. At the prize winners’ concert in the Berlin Philharmonie, Adam had the honor of performing alongside his brother Hamlet, who has also received international acclaim. They performed the Carmen Fantasy by Pablo de Sarasate in a virtuosic arrangement for clarinet and piano by Nicolas Baldeyrou.

Special award at international competition

Adam Ambarzumjan wins the Special Award (Romantic music prize) at the 4th Vienna International Music Competition.

HOLLE! Streaming

Play Time III: Climate Crisis| “Holle!” | Junge Oper Stuttgart
Streaming from 15th Dec 18:00 to 17th Dec 18:00.

An opera on climate change based on the Grimm’s fairy tale Frau Holle
Recommended age: aged 6 and older
language: German

Concept and Composition: Sebastian Schwab
Concept and Direction: Suse Pfister
Concept and Libretto: Kai Weßler
Stage Design and Costumes: Stephan von Wedel
with: Maria Theresa Ullrich, Adam Ambarzumjan, Markus Hein


SZ-article: Neustart mit Folgen

Read the article about the concert project “Neustart Konzerte” by Hamlet & Adam Ambarzumjan in the Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Success at international competitions

Adam Ambarzumjan wins the 1st prize at the Rising Stars Grand Prix – International Music Competition Berlin. He will be playing in the prizewinners’ concert in the Berliner Philharmonie on March 30, 2023, tickets can be purchased here.

In 2022, Adam Ambarzumjan wins four international music competitions in the woodwind solo categories:

Sonus Quintet wins international music competitions

The Sonus Quintet wins three international competitions:
1st Prize Tiziano Rossetti International Music Competition 2022 (Switzerland)
2nd Prize Luigi Cerritelli International Music Competition 2022 (Italy)
3rd Prize Odin International Music Competition 2022 (Estonia)

The Sonus Quintet is a new, outstanding chamber music ensemble. The cast and the varied literature, which consists of original works as well as creative arrangements, is a novelty.

The interplay between oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon blends in a special way to a very versatile and at the same time very homogeneous sound.

Oboe: Eloi Enrique
Clarinet: Adam Ambarzumjan
Saxophone: Lena Iris Brendel
Bass clarinet: Viviana Rieke
Bassoon: Annika Baum

Edvard Grieg: Aus Holbergs Zeit op. 40 – Air & Präludium

David Biedenbender: Refraction for reed quintet – Death Metal Chicken | Kyrie | Goat Rodeo

Adam Ambarzumjan becomes JLV Ambassador

” The JLV ligatures give me more flexibility in sound in all registers. Big improvement in articulation and response, especially in the upper register. ”

Adam AMBARZUMJAN has just joined the JLV Ambassadors family, he plays the JLV Ligature for Bb clarinet platinum & 24 K gold plated finish.

Concert report about Duo Ambarzumjan

Read the concert report of Duo Hamlet & Adam here.

SWR2 interview

In the SWR2 interview Treffpunkt Klassik, Adam Ambarzumjan talks about the initiative “Neustart Konzerte”, which he launched together with his brother Hamlet during the pandemic.

Release Date: 25.02.2022
Category: Musik entdecken
Channel: SWR2
Broadcast: SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik

Duo Hamlet & Adam concert report

You can read a concert report about Duo Hamlet & Adam in the german newspaper “Ostsee-Zeitung” here.

Ambarzumjan takes over the regional chairmanship of the German Music Artists’ Association

Ambarzumjan takes over the regional chairmanship of the German Music Artists’ Association in Reutlingen

The German Musicians’ Association has elected Adam Ambarzumjan, born in 1997, as the new chairman for the Reutlingen region after the previous chairwoman, Dr. Katja Riedel and her deputy Angela-Charlott Linckelmann no longer stood as candidates. They are all the more pleased about the new chairman and wish him and the association all the best.

For decades, instrumental teachers in Reutlingen had been involved in the association by taking care of the needs of the musicians in the association, working on the regional committee Jugend musiziert, making press releases and organizing member meetings and concerts. Now, for the first time, an active orchestra musician is in (honorary) office: Adam Ambarzumjan, principal clarinetist in the Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra in Reutlingen, will provide new focal points and a breath of fresh air.

He is currently touring Germany with his brother Hamlet as part of the “Neustart Konzerte”. With this initiative, the musicians want to contribute to the revitalization of the cultural scene. From the Baltic Sea coast to the Allgäu, they organize concerts to finally bring music back to the stage. They can be heard in the Spitalhofsaal Reutlingen on Saturday, February 26, at 7 p.m.

Hamlet & Adam found initative ‘Neustart Konzerte’

Hamlet & Adam found the initiative ‘Neustart Konzerte’

The idea of the ‘Neustart Konzerte’ (restart concerts) arose at a time when cultural life in Germany was almost at a standstill. With this initiative, the brothers Hamlet and Adam Ambarzumjan want to contribute to the revitalization of the cultural scene. From the Baltic Sea coast to the Allgäu they organise concerts to finally bring music back to the stage. They also play music for people in social institutions who are unable to attend concert venues due to their circumstances. This initiative is supported by the “Neustart Kultur” programme of the Federal Government of Germany and the Society for Performance Protection Rights (GVL).

Neustart Konzerte

2nd prize at the International Anton Rubinstein Competition

Adam Ambarzumjan wins second prize at the International Anton Rubinstein Competition for woodwinds 2021.

Interview for studi story

Interview for the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

Carmen Fantasy w/ Ensemble Balance

Ensemble Balance
Friederike Kienle – conductor

Johann Schimon – Camera, Color Grading
Walter Schimon – Camera
Arne Morgner – Production manager and editing

Adapted from the version for clarinet and piano by Nicolas Baldeyrou.

At Wagenhallen Stuttgart

IDAGIO stream: Tribute to Franz Schubert


At Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart

Link to the stream